Being honoured

I learned a lot this week at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Mostly i re-learned how the relationships i have built over the years of being part of this community have developed and deepened.

My friend Sean Mcgarragle said “you realize that most of us have grey hair now.” It is a funny observation that in the world of spoken word and urban arts in general, that if you are over thirty you present, in fact, as an elder. Lest we all get competitive about how many grey hairs we have, It really hit home this week just how much I have grown alongside these brilliant friends, as a person, creator, and champion of the spoken word and oral tradition.
I felt the love deeply all week and am deeply honoured to be honoured by so many peers. This was the most fun CFSW I have attended. The best poetry, the most diversity in style, the greatest interest in FUN and the fewest egos.

In a workshop one day a couple of years ago , Zaccheus Jackson-Nyce said to a group of teenagers that if they can learn to communicate artistic ideas, they will then be able to practice clear communication in the rest of their lives too. – That being able to get your thoughts or feelings across effectively is possibly one of the most important skills to acquire in life.  I agree.

This festival showed that not only can we communicate from the stage, but we are also learning how to communicate face to face in the most progressive and open ways. Pretty good for a bunch of word nerds. Pretty amazing when there was so much to talk about. I am honoured to call you family, and have been amazed this week to watch you all work through disputes and hard conversations with so much grace.

I just want you all to know that i will do anything for any of you in a heartbeat. Also, i would show you my Bieber, AND cater your boat party if you’d just ask.
So much love cfsw12.

Thank you.

The honouring, the uplifted winds of autumn

I am so thankfully and potently honoured and excited to be named one of the Poets of Honour at this year’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon alongside the fabulously talented Brendan McLeod. I cannot wait to get back to the prairie and one of the best little spoken word communities in the country!

It has been a rowdy and rough around the edges kind of year. The hard crust of winter and early spring brought insane challenges, and then some very special performance opportunities (The SaltSpring island Festival of Words, a very large Driftwood Foundation anti-pipeline event in Smithers as well as some sweet cameo and performance opportunities at some really great music festivals around the province throughout June).

With the changing seasons so comes the most recent move to the Kootenays, new jobs, new friends, and this unbelievably wonderful thing of being honoured by my peers and poetic companions!

In the meantime, I remembered this little video shot by Zaccheus Jackson from our wildcard team slam performances (slaughterhouse 4) at CFSW 2009 in Victoria. I will be seeing you all, and hugging you so tightly, so soon! I can’t wait!

Losing and winning and everything else

this is how I picture the bot who stole my domain.

I lost my domain to a bot. I never thought that life would come to a place where I would be saying something like that and that people would even understand what I would mean by it. I mean, I don’t entirely understand it.

What I do know, is that in the fray of the spring and the chaos of not really having a home for some months I neglected to renew my domain. As a result, a machine bought it and has now made some ridiculous almost plagiarized design of my blog (even comes with some of my biography).

I am working on a new site courtesy of a poetic compatriot in Victoria. In the meantime, it has been a busy summer with little time for reflection and all the time in the world for gardens and greenhouses and friends and festivals. Wish I had made mention of all that has passed. It has been pretty awesome!

After a busy summer of feeling pleasant but strange living in Victoria, James and I have decided that we are making the move this fall to Nelson, BC. His birthplace, and a place I feel artistically and socially supported and inspired. It’s kind of like moving to an artist colony in many ways. I am so excited for new challenges in a smallish, but still city, environment nestled in the mountains with family and friends close by, a bustling arts community and some of the best coffee roasts in Canada(I know, I know, always with the coffee).

This also means I will be much closer to my family in Alberta (poet family not excluded)! Really looking forward to all that stablization has in store for me and for us, but especially so i can get back to the careful and excitable work of creation. I have so many new poems and stories and I can’t wait to get them off the page so they stop giving me dirty looks and yawning every time I speak to them.

It seems I have regressed in my entrepreneurial skills and seem to have advanced in my writing. Which is a trade off I can appreciate. however, I miss the blogging, and am on my way to a new domain with, I am sure, many new tales of all that the move has in store.

Thanks for sticking with me, I appreciate you!

stay tuned,

x, Lady M