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  • How to be a Friend to the Climate Justice movement as a spoken word artist in canada (and beyond)

    A lot has happened this summer. I have decided to start blogging again. Here we go! I attended the Powershift conference in Victoria over the past weekend. Both as a facilitator and as a participant. I don’t think I am the same person that walked into the conference on Friday as I am today. The […]

  • I love touring

    Other people’s cats, and old poet friends, and family, and the sugar bush, and small towns with huge love, and big cities with great people and all about how I have been pounding the pavement AND the oil of oregano and winning! So much love, so much thanks. I feel so grateful. Up next, two […]

  • Saturday Morning with Lenny Bruce

    I know it has been a terrible age since I made a post. That happens to be what moving around to 6 different places in a year will do. Add a few muggle jobs ontop of that and a wizard doesn’t even have time for poetry anymore, nevermind BLOGS! (Oh internet, where would we be […]

  • If These Streets Are Haunted…

    I have a new Chapbook. It is my fourth. My album is coming along, but of course, like any project, a whole bunch of other really interesting creative things get in the way. So I made a new book with all of those things in it. My friend and incredible artist, Ursula Twiss drew a […]