If These Streets Are Haunted…

I have a new Chapbook. It is my fourth. My album is coming along, but of course, like any project, a whole bunch of other really interesting creative things get in the way. So I made a new book with all of those things in it. My friend and incredible artist, Ursula Twiss drew a cover for me. I am so honoured and thankful. I have been mailing them all over the country and am ecstatic to have a proper launch party here in the Kootenays (I know! I should write you all more often with delicious life updates, I finally have solid web and home bases and I assume the blogging shall commence once again very soon). I am so thrilled to share this new work. If you would like a book and do not live in spitting range please write me and we can make it happen! magpieulysses@gmail.com

more soon! xo