New Indiefeed podcast up today!

Thank you so much to Mongo for this startlingly generous podcast about James and I’s project. It has been a labour of love and it continues to inspire me into new directions and new projects. I am so thankful for Mongo’s words and for your ears!


2 responses to “New Indiefeed podcast up today!”

  1. Loved it! Immediately when and listened to and bought the new album! where can I find more audio of you?

    • This is my first major recording project. I do, from time to time, put together some small ep’s from a miscellany of studio and live recordings but the last one was made for touring in 2010 and I don’t have any left. If you want to hear more audio though you can go to!/artists/Magpie-Ulysses
      Thanks so much for supporting my art!